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Window Support The Main Structure Of The Form

Jun 16, 2017

Window Support the main structure of the form

A window, in architecture, refers to a hole in a wall or roof, used to make light or air into the room. In fact the windows and households were intended to refer to windows and doors, respectively, in modern Chinese windows. "Window" for "chimney" ("chimney" for the vulgar word), that is, leaving a hole in the wall, the box is the window lattice, you can light, you can smoke, after the "hole" prefix structure sound words. "Window" is responsible for supporting the main structure of the form, which can be wood, metal, ceramic or plastic material, transparent part attached to the window, the window is responsible for supporting the main structure of the window, Box, can be paper, cloth, silk or glass material.

Brief introduction to editors

The windows of modern windows are made up of window frames, glass and movable members (hinges, handles, pulleys, etc.)

Three parts. The window frame is responsible for supporting the main structure of the form, which can be wood, metal, ceramic or plastic material, the transparent part attached to the window frame, can be paper, cloth, silk or glass material. The main components of the activities of the main metal materials, in the hands of the place may also be wrapped with plastic and other insulation materials.

With the development of building technology and the improvement of human living standards, the construction of windows has become increasingly complex to meet the higher thermal requirements. Advanced building will use double or even three-layer vacuum Low-E glass, double rubber seal, to ensure its best thermal insulation performance. Horizontal skylights can be made of frameless units, also known as the light mask. The glass curtain wall can be considered a special window, that is, the entire building facade has become a translucent window.

Material type editing

Material is not difficult to choose, in general, can be divided into three categories - steel, aluminum, wood. The three have their own strengths.


Because it is plastic material, so the weight is small, good insulation performance, and the price is relatively low. Because often have to face

Wind and rain hit the sun, so the most concern is the plastic window of the anti-aging problem. In fact, the use of high-quality plastic window for up to a hundred years.

Aluminum alloy

Because it is a metal material, so there will be no aging problem, and strong, impact resistance, strength. But the aluminum alloy window most One of the weaknesses that is easily attacked is heat insulation because the metal is a good conductor of heat, and the temperature of the outside and the interior is transmitted with the window frame. But it is questionable that in a window on the proportion of the framework is not great, the window is not a metal plate, but inlaid with the glass frame, through the frame of the heat transfer will have a heater, How much air conditioning indoor temperature impact? But still well prepared, in order to prevent this problem, in some aluminum windows on the use of the "broken bridge" technology, that is, in the aluminum alloy window frame with a layer of resin material, completely cut off the way heat conduction.