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Window According To Material

Jul 01, 2017

Window According to material

Four different materials, doors and windows of the advantages and disadvantages of home decoration, and ultimately, doors and windows. There are many types of windows, according to the material can be divided into doors and windows doors and windows, aluminum doors and windows, steel doors and windows, plastic doors and windows. That in the decoration process, in the end to choose which kind of doors and windows? How many doors and windows do you know? Now let us understand the advantages and disadvantages of these four doors and windows.

First, aluminum doors and windows Aluminum doors and windows are now more people choose the type of doors and windows, with durable, fire resistant to moisture, not rust, corrosion resistance, good sealing, etc., generally used in the higher standards of the building. The disadvantage is relative to the wooden windows, steel windows for the cost is relatively high, high thermal conductivity. Aluminum doors and windows are now on the market more popular one of the doors and windows, but because of the current market competition is fierce and disorderly, many shops in full charge and flicker customers, so produce a lot of quality problems. But the market is still useful products speak conscience business, I understand now in the industry is doing better is to the doors and windows, it is the use of raw materials and workmanship is better in the industry. To the doors and windows are used in raw materials are pure aluminum, aluminum, antioxidant capacity better. In addition, most of its accessories are their own production, the details of the part to do better, so the performance is more stable, long service life.

Second, the wooden doors and windows doors and windows have a unique texture and decorative effect, the most warm effect, it has a simple system, easy maintenance, low thermal conductivity, strength, environmental protection and other advantages. However, the wooden doors and windows are also a lot of shortcomings, the wood will be due to changes in climate and sometimes swell and sometimes inconvenient, while wood flammable, volatile, cracked, damaged after repair is not easy. In addition, timber is a biological material, although renewable, but now belongs to the country shortage of resources. Coupled with the instability of wood materials, to bring a lot of trouble to the processing, so the scope of the doors and windows in the market is not large.

Third, steel doors and windows steel doors and windows of fasting and real two categories. The characteristics of steel doors and windows compared with the wooden windows, steel doors and windows durable, high strength, fire and moisture, cross-section is small. But the steel doors and windows to ensure strength, generally choose to sacrifice light transmission rate, and the cost is also higher than the wooden doors and windows. In addition, steel doors and windows there are thermal conductivity, insulation and sealing is poor, easy to corrosion, high energy consumption and other shortcomings.

 Fourth, plastic doors and windows plastic doors and windows and aluminum are the same as the new window materials. Now the type of doors and windows in the best performance of the sealed plastic doors and windows, which also has a low thermal conductivity, good insulation and so on. But because the overall strength of plastic doors and windows, plastic material itself gives a strong feeling, therefore, people have doubts about the plastic doors and windows. So, I think the promotion of plastic doors and windows at this stage there is still the difficulty of a short period of time difficult to become the main use of doors and windows profiles. In addition, China is also limited to the use of high-level plastic doors and windows, because of its high temperature plastic material will melt phenomenon. Different materials of the doors and windows have different advantages and disadvantages, in the decoration process is best according to the needs of home to choose doors and windows.