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UPVC Window Industry Status

Sep 15, 2017

UPVC Window Industry Status

Plastic steel doors and windows industry status analysis:

The survival of small and medium enterprises is grim

Survey shows that China's urban residents existing housing construction area of about 9 billion square meters, each year about 10% of the families choose to renovate the existing housing. This side of the doors and windows to bring about 120 million square meters. Faced with such a huge market, as well as the government on the building energy efficiency requirements and steel doors and windows to improve the technology will lead to the future of steel doors and windows in the market to occupy a more important role. However, from the production enterprises, building materials market survey shows that due to the lack of rational control of the current size of the product, resulting in a large number of manufacturers of blind expansion in the product homogenization of the more obvious situation, steel profiles doors and windows have entered the ranks of low profits. In the face of upstream raw material prices and downstream real estate business squeeze profits, although some small and medium enterprises product quality technology and processing equipment are more complete, but faced with the situation of the grim situation of survival.

Plastic steel profiles enterprises are enemies

China's steel-plastic profiles for the current one-sided rely on lower product quality, price war of low-level vicious competition, so that the survival and development of the industry as a whole threat to the grim situation, the Ministry of Construction Policy Research Center China Building Materials Market Research Group Zheng Hui, responsible person in the research report, said: "At present, China's steel profiles and doors and windows enterprises R & D costs and technical personnel into the number of far less than the world's leading enterprise level, the technical disregard and lack of technical personnel to become China's steel doors and windows enterprises An important factor in the development.

Zheng Hui pointed out: "For the steel profile enterprises, the appropriate market planning is more important than the simple scale of the expansion to maintain a reasonable scale, through continuous technological innovation, improve product quality, to obtain a virtuous circle of business and development necessary Profit, is to ensure that a long-term healthy development of a fundamental elements of the enterprise. "Experts pointed out that China's steel market is currently facing excessive competition, a single distribution channels, customer-oriented and business operations and other weak management challenges, On the line.

Survey report shows that the current situation of China's steel profile market is a serious oversupply. Plastic steel industry, the annual production capacity of more than 3 million tons, while the annual production capacity of steel doors and windows is more than 300 million square meters, production capacity is still a new round of expansion. In the condition of excessive competition, lower product quality to reduce the low price war is full of domestic steel profiles market, and technological innovation and new technology applications are ignored by many domestic enterprises. At the same time, foreign enterprises are through custom products, expand distribution channels and other means to enter more domestic blank market. Domestic steel profiles enterprises can be described as enemies.