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Unlocking The Energy Efficiency Opportunity

Nov 28, 2019

Energy-saving doors and windows improve the optical properties, thermal properties and sealing properties of materials, and improve the structure of doors and windows to achieve the desired results.

Energy-saving doors and windows should be considered from the following aspects: 1. Door and window materials; 2. Glass; 3. Door and window energy conservation is the overall energy saving. 

(1) High-performance sealing technology for the entire periphery of building doors and windows and building curtain walls. Reduce air penetration heat loss and improve main physical properties such as airtightness, watertightness, sound insulation, thermal insulation, and heat insulation.

(2) There must be a major breakthrough in the process technology and product performance of high-performance insulating glass and economic double-glass series products. Focus on solving the condensation temperature, impact resistance and installation technology of thermal reflection and low-radiation insulating glass, high-performance safety insulating glass, and economical double glass, and realize the scientific combination of heat insulation and effective use of solar energy.

(3) Thermal insulation technology for special profiles for aluminum alloys and special profiles for galvanized color plates. Focus on solving the domestic problems of heat-insulating materials and the safety of fire-resistant and anti-suffocating gas, reduce the cost of materials, and expand the scope of promotion.

(4) Development and application of special materials for composite doors and windows. Focus on the development of aluminum-plastic, steel-plastic, wood-plastic composite doors and windows special materials and composite supporting accessories and sealing materials.

(5) Door, window and window type and curtain wall thermal insulation technology. It is necessary to take the building energy-saving technology as the driving force to carry out technical transformation and innovation of the residential window structure, opening form and window structure in China. Change the type of single sliding window, and develop casement, especially compound interior window and multifunctional window. Improve the ventilation function and safety performance of high-sealed windows, and develop thermal insulation and energy-saving luxury aluminum alloy windows and luxury multifunctional doors.

(6) Complete sets of technologies for doors, windows and curtain walls. Develop multi-functional serialized, complete products with regional characteristics; make major breakthroughs in improving the quality, variety, and performance of supporting accessories; establish brand-name products and boutique market advantages; develop diversified and multi-level industrial production of energy-saving products system.

(7) Solar energy development and utilization of technology. Building doors and windows and building curtain walls should change the negative energy-saving technical concept of passive heat insulation. It is necessary to combine energy saving with rational use of solar energy, underground thermal (water) energy, and wind energy, and develop door, window, and curtain wall products that combine energy-saving and energy use (using solar energy, cold energy, wind energy, and geothermal energy).

(8) Improve the installation technology of doors, windows and curtain walls. Improve the level of integrated energy-saving technologies for doors, windows, curtain wall structures and envelope structures, and improve the overall energy-saving effect of the wall. Focus on solving the door and window, curtain wall anchoring and filling technology and the use of solar energy, aerodynamic energy-saving technology.