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PVC Window Saving Profiles

Oct 10, 2017

PVC Window Saving profiles

According to the material can be divided into PVC plastic doors and windows and glass fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) doors and windows.

1.1 PVC plastic doors and windows

1) In all kinds of construction windows, PVC plastic window in saving energy production profiles, recycling of recycled materials and the use of energy consumption has a prominent advantage in the insulation and energy saving has excellent performance and low cost.

2) In order to increase the rigidity of the window, in the window frame, sash, the tread profile of the force bar, should be based on the strength of the wind pressure design and other requirements to determine what kind of reinforced steel.

3) Coextrusion of UPVC resin with colored polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) or acrylonitrile-styrene-acrylate copolymer (ASA), as well as coating on white profiles, can be coated with a variety of textures and A variety of surface color decorative effect. In addition, UPVC resin powder is also added to the pigment mixing extrusion body dyeing technology. But this technology is still different views, it should be particularly careful in the selection, to check the kind of profiles by artificial accelerated aging test after the color changes. It is recommended to coat the color film with the color film to improve its weatherability.

1.2 glass fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) doors and windows

1) abroad to alkali-free glass fiber reinforced, the product surface finish is better, no need to deal with the system can be used directly to the window. Domestic self-developed glass fiber reinforced plastic doors and windows profiles are generally used in alkali glass fiber reinforced, profile surface after grinding, available electrostatic powder coating, surface coating and other technical processes, access to a variety of colors or texture of the decorative effect.

2) Do not use high-alkali glass fiber made of profiles.

3) FRP doors and windows profiles have a high longitudinal strength, under normal circumstances, you can not enhance the steel. But the doors and windows size is too large or high wind pressure requirements, should be based on the use of requirements to determine the enhanced approach. The transverse strength of the profile is low. Fiberglass door window frame for the assembly of the turret, the joints need to seal the sealant to prevent leakage of the gap.

Performance Description Edit

1 wind pressure performance: the closure of the doors and windows under the wind pressure, no damage and dysfunction.

2 Watertight: closed outside the doors and windows in the wind and rain at the same time, to prevent the ability of rain leakage.

3 airtight performance: the ability to close the doors and windows to prevent air penetration.

4 Unit sewn air penetration: outside the doors and windows in the standard state, the unit time through the unit length of air, the unit is m3 / m · h.

5 thermal insulation performance: the door or window on both sides of the air temperature conditions, the door or window impedance from the high temperature side to the side of the low side of the ability to heat. Door or window insulation performance with its heat transfer coefficient or heat transfer resistance.

6 heat transfer coefficient K0: in the stable heat transfer conditions, the door or window on both sides of the air temperature difference of 1K (absolute temperature), the unit time, through the heat transfer per unit area to W / m2 · K dollars.