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PVC Window Extend The Service Life Of Steel Doors And Windows

Jul 31, 2017

PVC Window Extend the service life of steel doors and windows

Extend the life of plastic doors and windows maintenance is the key

In order to give full play to the advantages of the use of steel doors and windows to extend the life of steel doors and windows in the use of the process, should also pay attention to the maintenance and maintenance of plastic doors and windows:

1. Regularly on the doors and windows of the dust to clean, keep doors and windows and glass, hardware cleaning and light.

2. If the windows and doors contaminated with oil and other difficult to clean things, you can use Jieer Liang scrub, and it is best not to use strong acid or alkali solution for cleaning, so that not only easy to damage the profile surface finish, but also damage the surface of the hardware Of the protective film and oxide layer caused by corrosion of hardware, in particular, some customers in the use of sulfuric acid cleaning the wall, do not let the doors and windows stained.

3. should be promptly clean the inside of the box-like particles and other debris, so as not to block the drainage channel caused by poor drainage and leakage.

4. When opening the doors and windows, the intensity should be moderate, try to keep open and close the speed evenly.

5. Try to avoid the use of hard objects hit the doors and windows or scratch the profile surface.

6. In the use of doors and windows in the use of the process is not open or other unusual circumstances, should promptly find the reasons, if the customer can not rule out the failure, with the doors and windows manufacturers and suppliers to contact, so that failure can be promptly ruled out. Plastic doors and windows sliding push and roll is not smooth how to do

Sliding doors and windows push and pull poor, because the original pulley wear, aging, fracture, not turn and other reasons. Replaceable high quality compressed suitcase silent pulley.

Flat open on the hanging window fittings wear, wear parts is flat on the hanging window is the most common problem. This situation as long as a handle can be a handle;

Seal the aging of the problem, the vast majority of doors and windows of the ordinary seal, such seals are large, pungent, easy to aging. The solution is to replace the EPDM seal,

In Europe after nearly half a century of development, has entered the mature stage, equipment, mold manufacturing level, production and processing experience and technical level has reached world class, but the European-style windows still exist monotonous way, the appearance of heavy, poor economy Thick cavity less problem. In the Americas, especially the United States, in the introduction of European plastic doors and windows at the same time, not mechanically, but to improve the formula system, the development of multi-chamber design, and the installation, doors and windows of the way, glass assembly Also improved. However, the American plastic doors and windows manufacturing process is complex, difficult to improve the strength of wind pressure, profile production is more difficult, especially the organic tin system to be a lot of titanium dioxide, the higher cost of the formula. European plastic doors and windows and American plastic doors and windows have their own characteristics, the development of China's plastic doors and windows industry have played a certain role in promoting. On the domestic plastic doors and windows industry, not only to learn the introduction of technology, but also learn from the development of European and American plastic doors and windows of the train of thought, adhere to the road of innovation, the establishment of standardized and orderly market environment, and actively promote the application of healthy development.