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PVC Window Energy Saving Performance

Sep 05, 2017

PVC Window Energy saving performance

Plastic window is made of polychlorinated olefins (UPVC) resin as the main raw material, plus a certain proportion of stabilizers, colorants, fillers, UV

Line absorber, etc., by extrusion molding, and then by cutting, welding or screwing made of window frame fan, equipped with sealing tape, tops, hardware, etc., at the same time to enhance the rigidity of the profile, more than a certain length Of the cavity of the profile need to fill the steel lining (ribs), so made the window, called the plastic window. Steel window manufacturers

Performance and characteristics of steel window

Plastic window insulation and energy saving performance

Plastic window for the multi-cavity structure, with good thermal insulation properties, the heat transfer performance is very small, only steel l / 357, aluminum 1/250, visible plastic window insulation, insulation effect is remarkable, especially for heating Modern buildings for air conditioning are more suitable. Relevant departments to investigate this comparison, namely: the use of plastic windows than the use of wooden windows in the winter indoor temperature can be high 4-5 degrees; the use of double-sided glass in the north region better. According to the Institute of physical testing, single glass, aluminum window heat transfer coefficient of 64W / M2K; single glass steel window heat transfer coefficient is 47W / M2K or so; ordinary double glass of steel, aluminum window heat transfer coefficient Is about 3.7W / M2K; and double glass plastic steel window heat transfer coefficient of about 2.5W / M2K. Windows accounted for 30% of the building area of the outer envelope, the heat accounted for 49%, which shows that plastic windows have a very good energy efficiency.

Plastic window window physical performance

The physical properties of plastic windows mainly refers to the air permeability (air tightness), rainwater permeability (watertightness), wind resistance and insulation and sound insulation of PVC plastic windows. As the steel window profile has a unique multi-chamber structure, and by the welding process into the window, in the plastic window installation all the gaps are equipped with window seal strips and tops, so has good physical properties.

Plastic steel window corrosion resistance

Plastic window because of its unique formula and has good corrosion resistance, followed by plastic steel window corrosion depends on the use of hardware, the normal environment of metal products for metal products, and corrosive environment of the industry, such as food, Medicine, health, chemical and coastal areas, rainy and humid areas, the choice of anti-corrosion hardware (engineering plastics), which is the life of plastic window is 10 times.