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PVC Window Door And Window Profiles

Jul 01, 2017

PVC Window Door and window profiles

It is predicted that China to 2005 plastic doors and windows with profiles

Demand for the 500,000 t, and the end of 2000, nearly 3,000 production lines, production capacity of 1.35 million t, assembly plant more than 8,000, the assembly capacity of 1,64 B m2. More than ten tons of profiles plant only a dozen, small and medium enterprises, the industry level varies. And in the whole industry oversupply, facing the low operating rate at the same time, a number of other industries of large enterprises, large groups still want to intervene. While the involvement of large enterprises enhances competition, how is coordination to prevent the tragedy of repeated vicious competition? Control the total size, adjust the enterprise structure, improve the overall level of the industry is still facing the construction system is an important issue in the production capacity increased at the same time, coordination of various contradictions, and strive to form a positive interaction.

Enterprises must be based on the characteristics of the product, their own economic strength and business to grasp the market to determine the best size of the enterprise. Plastic doors and windows industry must be through the enterprises, industry and national departments to work together to find the best balance that is the best scale of development.

Healthy development requires a systematic, advanced standard system

The current standard CB 8814-98 has been part of the GB8814-88 modified, such as increasing the drop hammer radius of the provisions of the sample is limited to the profile of the interception, weather resistance with color change grading assessment, but most of the reference Japanese standards. Standard development should first meet the national conditions, to improve product quality, to ensure that the interests of users play a catalytic role; followed by the development of standards should be systematic, scientific, rigorous and advanced, according to the standard implementation of the producers can let the rest assured that The user is so hearted that the fake is chilling. And the current standard of the lower degree of standardization, loopholes, many unreasonable place failed to timely revision, lagging behind the development of products and industries, can not meet people's product requirements, resulting in many unnecessary disputes. Such as whether the thickness of the profile should be specified, aging is reasonable and so on. To develop China's plastic doors and windows system, we must have a better plastic doors and windows of the national standard system. At present, the standard is being revised, should try to avoid copying foreign standards, but should consider China's national conditions, with reference to advanced standards, the producers and users are satisfied with the standard.

Healthy development requires more stringent product quality management system

To establish and improve the production management system, the formation of scientific and rational quality control system, improve production management and product quality, in order to enable the healthy development of enterprises. But at present, many small business production behavior is very irregular, in order to pursue profits, the use of low-quality equipment and raw materials, increase filler, reduce titanium dioxide, do not implement product standards, production of inferior or counterfeit products, to other regular manufacturers Less difficult. It is reported that several major profiling plants each year for the cost of counterfeiting nearly one million yuan. As a result of fierce competition, and some enterprises in the very low price can still be profitable, not by scientific management and technological innovation, but in the production, assembly, installation and other aspects of the process of cutting corners, can not meet the products In the case of performance, reduce the wall thickness to increase the yield or reduce the cavity chamber to increase the yield.

Enterprises should be based on their own equipment, mold and materials, to strengthen the formula and equipment, recipes and molds, a variety of raw materials changes in the impact of the conditions of the study, the more important is to strengthen and truly a comprehensive and standardized test equipment And tracking detection, many companies on their own product quality can not be clear in the chest, is to test the virtual device or test a simple repeat.

Product quality is the life of the enterprise, whether the industry can continue to healthy and healthy development of the material basis, the well-known large enterprises can not ignore the guiding role, or blindly pursue profits, into a vicious circle, the whole industry is not healthy development. Enterprise development to adhere to quality, industry development more scientific and strict management, based on long-term.