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PVC Window Air Permeability

Aug 11, 2017

PVC Window Air permeability

Industry insiders said: "from the wind pressure performance, air permeability, rainwater permeability, insulation performance, sound insulation and decorative performance of six aspects of comprehensive comparison, plastic windows have good performance"

Objective and fair comparison results show that plastic material has many unique advantages, PVC can be recycled several times. Manufacturing technology matures, easy installation process, plastic window should be said to be a versatile product. As for the price, and now the market can be accepted by ordinary consumers of the window material, according to consumer expectations of consumption value, it should be the first to push steel windows, steel windows have been cheap to win people's favor.

With the development of the industry, rich profit margins lead to market disorder and vicious competition, resulting in many consumers confused produce: "steel windows can go far"

Plastic window industry development is still long way to go

At present, China's steel window manufacturers profile, although with the new equipment and new technologies, to produce a very appeal of the product. But in the ordinary building materials market, steel windows, the variety of profiles is relatively simple. Form mostly sliding window material, the color is also the majority of white, the processing unit is also individual stalls for more. This situation can be made a decade ago, today from the scientific point of view of the development, has been unable to meet the growing needs of consumers in general.

For a long time China's steel window manufacturers, the main focus on large-scale residential construction, and developed countries and the development of the industry are very different. According to the Beijing Municipal Construction Commission Science and Technology Department staff description, developed countries, doors and windows are standardized products, residents can buy to the supermarket. The general window with a sub-box, the residents of the home to replace the old window is extremely convenient. In contrast, China's residential decoration and rural housing, can only rely on hand-workshop-style plastic windows production stalls to provide low-quality products without technical support. Over time, I do not know the vast majority of consumers naturally steel windows have doubts.

Another steel window experts also proposed "to the functional high-end development" slogan. Experts recommend: "plastic window of the functional high-end in addition to the choice of high-grade plastic profile, the matching hardware also functional high-end. In the open mode, consumers have to choose, inside and outside the flat open, hanging on the suspension Flip, multi-point locking drive, etc. should be displayed in the mass market as much as possible.A variety of accessories such as seals, pulleys, hinges, handles and other components of the internal quality should also be increased, and resolutely put an end to the phenomenon of shoddy " The Changchun Shide plastic steel window plant that. Changchun City, steel window prospect is very good.