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Door Various Kinds

Jun 16, 2017

Door various kinds

There are many types of doors, depending on the material and use and form can be divided into the following categories:

Stainless steel doors, wooden doors, doors, doors, doors, doors, doors, doors, doors, doors, doors, doors Doors, doors, folding doors, sliding doors, metal doors, insulated doors, aluminum doors, sliding doors, shutters doors, bronze craft doors, mosaic glass doors, automatic doors, retractable doors, explosion-proof glass doors, Suite doors, aluminum and magnesium alloy doors.

According to the material points: wooden doors, steel doors, aluminum doors, plastic doors, iron doors, aluminum doors, stainless steel doors, glass doors.

According to the opening way points: Pingkai Men, spring doors, sliding doors, folding doors, turn the door, shutter doors, ecological doors.

A wide variety of doors, dazzling, difficult in it. Therefore, a systematic understanding of the type of door, is conducive to improving the comprehensive understanding of the door, to buy the door to do accurate discrimination is a great help. From the role of the door, the main door can be divided into doors, into the door, indoor doors, explosion-proof doors, anti-blast doors, fire doors and so on.

Into the door also known as anti-theft door, the majority of residential buildings are installed into the door, some consumers for security and other considerations will be replaced. Into the door are mainly pure steel door and armored door. Armored door is a high-grade access door, the main feature is not the use of traditional surface treatment methods, but in the steel door into the door to add a layer of wood finishes, so that both to ensure that the door into the security elements, and Greatly improved the grade of the door, at the same time, you can also better coordination with the interior decoration. Relative to the door into the door, the consumer is more use of indoor doors, indoor doors are very diverse types, but also the most consumers puzzled varieties. The following pages mainly introduce the classification and characteristics of indoor doors.

High-grade wood refers to all parts of the door are "walnut", "teak", "cherry wood" like precious wood, Seiko secret agents made of the door, this door rich texture, high grade appearance, good environmental protection, but because Supplies huge fee, process requirements odd high, the price is very high, the market is quite rare.

Ordinary solid wood doors can be divided into two kinds, one is made of ordinary logs (such as pine, pear, etc.) assembled, this door environmental performance is good, the process requires high, but because the choice of wood is not good, the product is not very Grade, there is a use of all solid wood finger board assembled, this door environmental protection is also good, but the production process is relatively simple, style is not very rich, the appearance is not very good, the reason why ordinary solid wood doors are mainly because Which caters to the consumer's strong sense of environmental protection, its products are not much more desirable.

Solid wood composite door is the mainstream of the future wooden door market, solid wood composite doors because of its fine craft created an extraordinary sense, the effect is almost equal to the original wooden door; because of its scientific design to achieve the quality of stability, the use of high value than the original wooden door, the above Of several indoor doors can be called in the high-end indoor doors.