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Door Technical Performance

Jul 01, 2017

Door Technical performance

Function: hard fast door set environmental protection, energy saving, sealed, efficient, wind, durable, anti-theft in one. High-speed cut off the new metal industry door, the door with a unique design of the insulation structure, with good insulation effect, the door light, strength, speed and other characteristics. Using the door every time the door can save energy for enterprises about 80%. The door is widely used in industrial plants in Europe and the United States, easy to use, easy to operate, reliable, beautiful appearance. The product has a high reliability, practicality, ease of operation and low maintenance costs and other characteristics, and provide a year after the installation of a comprehensive warranty service. The control system uses the new DSP chip of the industrial field as the core, ensuring that the trouble-free action is more than 150,000 times per year in the application.

Configuration: 1, power failure emergency opening device;

2, infrared security protection system;

3, contact with trigger safety bottom edge;

4, Italy SEJ or Japan AEW motor;

5, Japan imported professional control system;

6, the new aluminum alloy insulation door

Technical performance description:

1, the control system: Japan imported professional control system, the core DSP chip, the system by receiving the motor at the end of the absolute encoder signal to set the door opening height:

A, the system through the LED tube display fault code function;

B, torque ring, position ring, speed ring ring full closed;

C, can be carved brake function, no electromagnetic brake pads can make the motor stopped in the expected position, so that the door in the limit position to stop, the slightest difference;

D, loss of memory function, power failure manual operation, the direct power can work, no need to adjust again, the motor overload overcurrent protection.

2, the motor system: Italy SEJ or Japan AEW motor; motor system consists of: imported brake synchronous motor; power failure braking system; large inertia planetary reducer; manual release mechanism; fault manual device, etc.:

A, motor constant torque output, so that security protection devices (such as infrared, etc.) to play the best function, rapid rebound;

B, overload capacity, in some high frequency occasions switch can work more than 2000 times a day;

C, 2000 line of high-resolution absolute encoder absolute sense to avoid the cumulative error problem;

D, manual release mechanism in the event of failure or power failure can be released, manually open or close the door has an ideal location;

E, absolute encoder, power is used, no need to restart the limit self-correction.