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Aluminum Window The Development Of Three Trends

Jul 31, 2017

Aluminum Window The development of three trends

Three Trends of Aluminum Alloy Door and Window Industry Development in China

Trend 1: large investment, large-scale production

Most of the aluminum door enterprises in the first venture, due to many reasons, the investment is not large, whether it is on the capital, or in the plant size, are quite limited, and even some companies in the beginning of the business is three or five small Workshop or husband and wife shop. But now a lot of big brands is also by the year of these small workshops, couples shop development and growth, after more than 10 years of development, is moving towards the direction of the Group.

Trend 2: multi-brand marketing, the occupation of more markets

As the aluminum industry barriers to entry lower market competition intensified the brand competition, brand marketing as a way to enhance the added value of the product an effective way. Aluminum products itself is not high technical content, to join the competition is also a considerable number of enterprises. More enterprises, aluminum brand will be more, aluminum door brand competition is also very intense. How to provide aluminum door brand awareness is the main problem of aluminum doors. Aluminum doors there are many brands of the phenomenon, so you can open more markets, increase competitiveness.

Trend 3: to aluminum-based, extending product diversification

Nowadays, a considerable number of aluminum door production enterprises to a certain extent, a single aluminum products have been unable to fully meet the needs of enterprise development, many aluminum doors manufacturers have no longer only produce a single aluminum products, and then began to Aluminum door extension products began to develop.

Many of the main products before the aluminum production enterprises, now not only aluminum products, but also involved in steel doors, and even once again for the extension of the development of wooden doors. One of the leading companies in the aluminum door industry has now started the development and production of wooden doors: "Hennessy" also has interior doors and shower rooms.

1 aluminum windows are afraid of water, if it is blisters, and generally very troublesome, but for the moisture problem, the current finished indoor door industry have done pretty good, Kras also do more in-depth things, such as Krasi Li The surface has done a moisture-proof layer, which will reduce the indoor door in the waterproof aspects of the problem, the kitchen bathroom should pay attention, do not water, especially the bottom of the door.

2. winter heating problems, the room should not be too dry, the air humidity to be maintained at around 40%, on the floor, the interior door, and even home is the best state. Keep the indoor ventilation so that the indoor door in the normal room temperature and humidity, to prevent the wooden products due to wet, the temperature difference is too large and deformation, metal parts rust, edge, finishes off the material in the winter use of electric heating or other heating Equipment, to stay away from wood products, so as not to heat deformation.

3 aluminum window paint afraid of bumps, so in the impact of protection should pay attention.

4. Cleaning, can not use organic solvents scrub, organic solvents will damage the surface of the paint layer. When painting the walls, it is necessary to cover the interior doors so as to avoid the paint falling on the surface of the product, so that the facing material stripping, fading, affecting the overall appearance of the aluminum window is solid wood epidermis, very afraid of fire.

5. He Ye, the lock is the activities of accessories, the occurrence of loose, should immediately tighten, hinge position sound should be timely oiling, lock is not flexible to the keyhole to join the appropriate amount of pencil core.