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Aluminum Window Strong Plasticity

Sep 15, 2017

Aluminum Window Strong plasticity

First, how to identify aluminum alloy window profile is good or bad?

Unqualified aluminum alloy window, the use of sunlight, air, rain and other effects, resulting in deformation of aluminum, or even cause glass rupture, shedding and other phenomena, thin film thickness. National standards for building aluminum oxide film thickness should be not less than (microns). Thickness is not enough, aluminum surface corrosion, corrosion.

Sampling some of the no name, site, production license, certificate of aluminum, the oxide film thickness only, and some even no oxide film. According to experts estimate that each reduction in oxide film thickness, each ton of profiles can reduce the cost of electricity consumption of multiple chemical composition failed.

Mixed with a large number of aluminum, aluminum scrap aluminum can greatly reduce the cost, but will lead to building aluminum chemical composition failed, seriously endangering the safety of construction. Poor quality aluminum profiles to reduce the closure time, reducing the loss of chemical reagents, cost down, but the profile corrosion resistance is also greatly reduced the choice of aluminum windows when the best look for Chinese brand name window products.

Second, the advantages of aluminum window

1, plasticity: aluminum alloy window is a metal material, aluminum plus a variety of metal elements cast into a variety of alloys, with other windows unparalleled advantages, light and high strength, can be squeezed into various periods of various complex Of the cross-section profiles, window designers can meet a variety of new cross-section material requirements.

2, good sealing performance: closed performance directly affect the use of windows and energy consumption. Closed performance includes watertightness, air tightness, heat insulation, sound insulation and other four aspects.

3, long life: aluminum window due to their own weight, high density, precision and accurate processing, and thus open and close light and flexible, no noise, easy maintenance, corrosion resistance, deformation is small, fire performance, long service life 50 years - 100 years).

Environmental protection and energy saving: the use of new materials H-UPVC, inside and outside the profile between the formation of partition space, so that the heat transfer of aluminum alloy to minimize insulation, sound insulation effect.

4, excellent weather resistance: acid and alkali erosion and pollution from the air, acid rain, ozone attack, resistance to ultraviolet light, long-term to maintain the inherent color and luster.

5, decorative effect of elegant: paint treatment using powder coating process and wood thermal transfer film. Powder coating is a high-grade spraying process, with excellent anti-fading, anti-blooming, anti-atmospheric oxygen pollution, acid rain and other erosion, anti-ultraviolet ability, can withstand bad weather conditions. Wood thermal transfer film technology, derived from Italy, the use of thermal transfer technology, the wood grain transfer to the metal plate surface, so that the surface of the product to form a realistic wood, the substrate without glue, Need to go through any processing.

Through the analysis and introduction of the above, we should all know how to identify the aluminum alloy window profile is good or bad, and how the aluminum alloy material is not qualified, it is prone to distorted phenomenon. At the same time, the reason why the use of aluminum windows are still a lot of people, because the advantages of aluminum window is more obvious.