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Aluminum Window Energy Saving Windows And Doors

Oct 10, 2017

Aluminum Window Energy saving windows and doors

Small and medium-sized experience with years of experience: energy-saving windows and doors should be considered from the following aspects:

1, doors and windows raw materials

Now the doors and windows of raw materials are aluminum, steel, plastic, solid wood, broken bridge aluminum. There is a knowledge that we all know that iron and aluminum thermal function is very high, a little heat will be issued out, so the winter house is always cold Plastic windows and plastic windows a few years ago popular, but this kind of raw materials, the strength of the window is not big enough, simple brittle, security can be imagined. Wood window energy saving and environmental protection is excellent, but the wooden windows have their own shortcomings, not simple burning, simple rot, simple cracking, etc., together with the wooden window offer is also a lot of money. Now, off the bridge aluminum doors and windows of the best energy saving and environmental protection functions, it not only deal with the high thermal conductivity of aluminum alloy defects, but also make up for the steel, plastic low strength of the wind, and offer relative to the solid wood is relatively low, Shenzhen high-end energy Doors and windows, attributable to your custom!

2, glass

Glass takes up most of the doors and windows, and thus has a very important effect on energy conservation goals. There are several categories of glass on the mall: one is the general glass, not through the steel; the second is the general tempered glass; third is coated glass; four low-e glass. Each glass can also be subdivided. Then what kind of glass energy-saving effect is the best? Should be low-e glass, it can filter out infrared, far infrared, ultraviolet and other harmful light, energy-saving effect is remarkable. In recent years the state requested high-rise building selection of insulating glass, that is, two layers of glass. But look at the business floor of the hollow glass are the same appearance, perhaps just two layers of simple together, the real insulation effect did not arrive. Shenzhen energy-saving windows and doors, the choice of glass are double-layer insulating glass, for you to create energy-saving health days!

3, energy saving windows and doors is the whole energy saving

Talking about the energy saving windows and doors, the original window is the energy-saving, relying solely on the glass can not reach the intention of energy conservation. Doors and windows of the sealing function is also the main parameters affecting energy. If the doors and windows of the seal there is doubt, the same energy will be very easy to lose. Door and window seals include the following aspects, the first is the choice of sealing material, good sealing tape flexible and flexible, weather resistance, even at minus 20 °, the same can adhere to its patience. In addition to sealing strips, doors and windows also need to deal with special technology, the external disturbing noise is gone.