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Aluminum Window Doors And Windows Industry

Jul 13, 2017

Aluminum Window Doors and windows industry

Under the tide of the Internet, the doors and windows industry entity business impact, for relying on offline experience of the traditional doors and windows industry, although the electricity business did not subvert its traditional business model, but still make its sales greatly affected, while the doors and windows Electric business of the crowds, while the physical store's cold and deserted, the two pole comparison, the sales performance difference is obvious. But now, the store's dilemma also vividly, electric business is no longer singing all the way.

1, pure electricity business era of the end of the electricity business rebate receded

  If 2016 years ago is the world of electricity business, presumably no one will be questioned, but the second half of last year, Ma said that the end of a pure electricity business era, the store began to compete with the electricity business, the flow of electricity dividends have passed. Data show that PC-side and mobile side of the net purchase growth are significantly slowed down, is expected in 2018 PC-side, mobile growth rate from 48% in 2012, 43% of the ultra-high growth rate fell to 23%, 17%. In addition to the Internet traffic dividends gradually subsided, the pure electricity business increasingly fierce competition, shop, operation, logistics, promotion and other costs, making the cost of electricity is no longer cost, online costs and offline costs almost the same, the price advantage is no longer obvious. And in the era of consumer upgrades, consumers pay more attention to product quality, business services, relying solely on traffic growth online model and shop alone under the line mode growth has peaked, online and offline integration will be doors and windows and other retail industry New breakthrough. Channel competition from the internal friction to the two-line integration

"Defeat is not as good as Baotuan development", the channel's fighting will only produce internal friction, and bring the transformation of doors and windows industry chaos. When the doors and windows of the store and electric business began to compete from competition to mean that the transformation of the entire doors and windows enterprises will accelerate to achieve the other side of victory. For the manufacturing industry, the line is the head, to achieve drainage, line is the body, complete the experience and turnover. Today, online electricity business and offline store competition is nearing the end of the entire distribution network of doors and windows began to compete from a single electric business store to the two-lane integration. Both the doors and windows manufacturers or businesses are beginning to pay attention to the end market for users of the "temporary door" detonated, and promote the doors and windows of the store's door-to-door and electric shop shop drainage ideas, completely around the user and where the demand, commercial retail Service to where to push. The future will not have pure electricity business era, there will be no pure line experience, but the electricity business hand store, to win the road. Even if many doors and windows manufacturers are still in the choice of the edge of the area, but the correct direction is not wrong, please boldly pace to meet the beautiful spring. To ensure that the project design, procurement, construction process clear outside the doors and windows of the technical requirements, to wind pressure, water tightness, air tightness, insulation, sound insulation, lighting, safety and other aspects of performance requirements, to avoid outside the doors and windows of the common problems Repeated, and you share the door and window quality control five key points, as long as the master of these five standards, the quality of doors and windows did not have to talk about!

One, frame fan structure requirements

1, group angle: group angle is related to the integrity of the doors and windows of the important process.

2, wiping process: under normal circumstances should be used to horn angle wiping angle angle glue process, window angle is not blocked plastic extrusion.

3, injection molding process: group angle can also be used angle code + guide slot + plastic injection hole + two-component injection plastic + angle film process to ensure that the corner strength requirements to ensure that doors and windows finished in the transport, no distortion after installation The appearance of the phenomenon.