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Aluminum Window Component

Aug 25, 2017

Aluminum Window component

What are the components of an aluminum window fitting:

One, hardware

Window hardware accessories are installed in the construction window on a variety of metal and non-metallic parts of the general term, is the key to determine the performance of the window components. Hardware accessories are responsible for the window frame and fan tightly connected parts, the performance of the window has an important impact. The design of the window is the first window of the architectural design to meet the functional requirements of the building as the goal, a reasonable determination of the window performance and related design requirements.

1, hardware by product classification. Aluminum window with hardware according to the product is divided into: transmission with a handle, spinning handle, hinge (hinge), drive lock, slide, support block, bolt, multi-point lock, pulley, Lock and flat open under the suspension of hardware systems.

2, according to use classification. Aluminum windows with hardware by category is divided into hardware and windows with hardware. According to the use can be divided into sliding window hardware, flat window hardware, within the flat hanging under the window hardware accessories.

(1) sliding window hardware accessories. The guide rails of the aluminum windows are directly formed on the window frame profiles, and the pulley system is fixed at the bottom of the sash. Sliding the sliding of the sliding window is not only dependent on the quality of the pulley system, but also with the profile straightness and machining accuracy and window frame installation accuracy. Dust on the track and pulley wear will also affect the sliding window switch function. Sliding window lock is generally plug lock, this lock will be because the installation accuracy is not high, dust and other reasons and failure. Sliding the handle of the sliding window is usually replaced by the switch part of the latch, but there are high-grade sliding window to make a sash profile arc, from the role of the handle.

(2) ordinary flat window hardware accessories. One of the basic accessories of the flat window is the hinge. Due to the unidirectional opening J nature of the hinge, the hinge is always installed in the opening direction, that is, the inner window hinges are installed indoors, and the hinges of the outer window are installed outdoors. The lock of the window is a rotating lock, the handle is usually combined with the lock. The stopper is an essential part of the outer window, preventing the wind from blowing the sash and creating a collision. However, the two hinges and the stopper are three points to form a fixed plane with a firmness.

(3) within the flat hanging under the window hardware accessories. The concept of the hanging window is flat, but it is far more than a special way of opening the window, in fact, it is a variety of window control Functional synthesis. First when the window is tilted, the purpose is to ventilate. The top scissor connector acts as a stopper, and when the inner flat is opened, the top scissor is a hinge and the bottom hinge is a shaft for internal suspension. The purpose of the flat on the one hand is to clearly observe the scenery outside the window, more importantly, easy to clean the glass. Can be said that within the flat hanging under the window is a comprehensive assessment of the people. The hardware of the lower hanging window includes the top scissors, the corner connector, the lock, the handle, the connecting rod, the multi-point lock, the lower corner connector and the lower hanging window bottom shaft,