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Aluminum Door With Skills

Sep 05, 2017

Aluminum Door With skills

Interior decoration, aluminum alloy door which kind of good choice?

  Must be bound by it, the door is an indispensable part of the interior decoration. How to choose a high-quality aluminum alloy door for your bedroom, a door with a perfect home style? Xiao Bian to introduce you to a small indoor home with skills.

1, aluminum door style to be consistent with the style of the room

General home decoration style is divided into European, Chinese, simple, classical and other styles, such as indoor home improvement design is the curve of the mainstream elements, and that aluminum alloy door style should also be the ideal way with the curve, and vice versa Then. In addition, the choice of wooden doors should also be as far as possible with the indoor furniture, wood in line, in order to achieve the best room decoration effect.

2, aluminum alloy door color to the furniture color close

Good color with the room decoration is the key, so after determining the style, the next step is to consider whether the color of the door with the room style match. When the main colors in the room are light-colored, they should be selected as white oak, ash and other cold-colored aluminum alloy doors; when the main colors of the room for the dark color, you should choose such as rosewood, Red wine and other warm aluminum alloy door.

3, aluminum alloy door color and wall color contrast

In the door and the wall, the ground of the "color relationship", the aluminum alloy doors with the color of the furniture closer, with the wall color you need to have some corresponding contrast. Many families like the simple nature of the white line, it may wish to try to brush the walls into light yellow, light blue, will let you have a new space.

First, home energy saving

How important is the energy saving of aluminum doors and windows to the building? Industry experts to provide the data is that at this stage, building energy consumption accounts for about 40% of total social energy consumption. Door and window is the building lighting part of the building, is the weakest part of the building, through the doors and windows of the energy loss of building energy consumption of 45% to 50%, accounting for 20% of total social energy consumption.

Second, the security point of view

The vast majority of burglary, are thieves through the external walls of windows and doors into the room, the light lost property, heavy people hurt the body, which is generally not solid wall and window profiles, simple glass and accessories are not unrelated. Therefore, the choice of formal aluminum alloy doors and windows manufacturers, qualified hardware accessories, safe and environmentally friendly glass structure, in the modern home security is the most important, but also the basis, we should improve the understanding of aluminum doors and windows.