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Aluminum Door Strong And Sturdy

Oct 10, 2017

Aluminum Door strong and sturdy

Analysis on the Characteristics of Aluminum Alloy Doors and Windows and Solid Wooden Doors and Windows.

Aluminum doors and windows have a bright appearance, durable features, good quality and good sealing. And solid wood doors by virtue of the green, fine workmanship concept, but also firmly occupy the share of the doors and windows market. So what are the unique features of aluminum doors and windows and solid wood doors and windows? Now for everyone to explain the next:

Aluminum doors and windows

Aluminum doors and windows look bright and durable, durable. With the rising demand market share, and promote the aluminum alloy doors and windows profiles research and development continues to accelerate, and now in addition to ordinary aluminum profiles, there are energy-saving broken bridge profiles, broken bridge screens one profile, making aluminum doors and windows more and more The more powerful, and now the aluminum doors and windows in addition to the basic wind and rain function, the more emphasis on aesthetic and practical, energy saving, anti-theft. Colorful, style arbitrary. Aluminum, wood, aluminum, aluminum bridge, wall thickness 1.4,1.6,1.8,2.0 everything; style from the push and pull, flat open, folding, hanging, hanging, sliding to intelligent electric remote control, only you can not think, Not impossible. Aluminum alloy doors and windows of the characteristics:

1, light weight, high strength

Aluminum alloy material is mostly hollow core composite section, easy to use, reduce the weight, and the cross section has a high bending strength, made of durable doors and windows, deformation small.

2, good sealing performance

Aluminum alloy itself is easy to squeeze, profile cross-sectional size is accurate, high precision machining. Optional waterproof, elastic, durability are better sealing materials, such as rubber pressure and silicone sealant. In the profile, a variety of sealing strip fixed groove, has been with the cross-section in the extrusion process of the same completion, to install the sealing material to create favorable conditions.

3, handsome appearance

Aluminum alloy surface by anodized, can be presented in the ancient lead liver copper, golden, silver and other colors, can be arbitrarily selected, after the smooth and shiny oxidation. Sash frame large, can be placed in a larger area of the glass, so that indoor light is bright enough to enhance the contrast between the internal and external facades, so that the room is more rich level. 4, strong corrosion resistance

Aluminum oxide oxide layer does not fade, do not fall off, easy to paint, easy maintenance, no maintenance.