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Aluminum Door Modeling Is Relatively Simple

Oct 18, 2017

Aluminum Door Modeling is relatively simple

Aluminum doors and windows easy to use? I believe that aluminum doors and windows, we are already very familiar with, and then in the end aluminum alloy doors and windows easy to use? In fact, when we buy aluminum doors and windows, we must learn to understand the advantages of aluminum doors and windows through the comparison, the following, we take a few more common doors and windows material, to compare it!

First, solid wood, solid wood doors and windows of their own have a certain classical atmosphere, wooden doors and windows have a unique texture and decorative effect, it has a simple system, easy maintenance, low thermal conductivity, strength, environmental protection and other advantages. However, the shortcomings of solid wood doors and windows is also very obvious, wooden doors and windows of the wood will change due to changes in climate and sometimes switch inconvenience, while wood flammable, volatile, cracked, damaged after repair is not easy. While the wooden doors and windows are generally unable to fire, and this there is a relatively large security risks.

Second, the steel material, which is just a popular one of the doors and windows of the material, steel doors and windows, although in the rugged, high strength, fire and moisture, cross-section, etc. have a relatively good advantage. But the steel doors and windows sometimes in order to ensure the desired strength, the general will choose to sacrifice light transmission rate, which led to the cost is also higher than the wooden doors and windows. Another point, there are thermal insulation steel doors and windows, thermal insulation and sealing is poor, easy to corrosion, high energy consumption and other shortcomings. Customers in the choice of time need to fully consider clearly.

Third, aluminum, aluminum doors and windows can be said to be a very popular one of the doors and windows of the material, and can be based on customer requirements for different doors and windows of the design, such as push and pull, flat open, hanging and so on. Aluminum doors and windows in the production process to shape the shape is relatively simple, to meet the needs of different levels of consumers. Aluminum doors and windows are also very durable, with fire resistant to moisture, not rust, corrosion resistance, good sealing, etc., generally used in the higher standards of the building. It can be said that aluminum doors and windows are now on the market more popular one of the doors and windows, but because of the current market competition is fierce and disorderly, many shops in full charge and flicker customers, so produce a lot of quality problems. Therefore, consumers in the purchase time, we must fully select the quality of the protection of the manufacturers.

Fourth, stainless steel, stainless steel is one of many office buildings like to use one of the materials, has its own good wear, corrosion resistance, oxidation performance, at the same time, its bright and bright surface color, in line with modern trends, , And its own weight lighter, can effectively reduce the weight of high-rise buildings.

Aluminum alloy doors and windows in different circumstances, the service life will be greatly changed, in general, the impact of aluminum alloy doors and windows life there are many factors, we should learn to use aluminum doors and windows in the daily attention of these issues before they can Will extend the life of aluminum doors and windows. Here to see what impact factors.

First, in general, high-quality aluminum alloy doors and windows brand, like doors and windows, the product itself water absorption control within 0.1%, while the use of double-layer seal between the frame, the gap is equipped with a good sealant , At the same time in the frame of the appropriate location to open drainage holes. This aluminum alloy doors and windows equipment, excellent sealing performance, no water and moisture, noise, but also has a good heat insulation effect, aluminum doors and windows of the material and glass will have a great impact on thermal conductivity.

Second, for the majority of aluminum alloy doors and windows manufacturers on the market, the choice of high rate of product is thin wall thickness of the product, which is to reduce the cost, the state has expressly stipulated aluminum alloy thickness should be more than 1.4 mm.