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Aluminum Door Material Is More Light

Aug 11, 2017

Aluminum Door Material is more light

Aluminum alloy doors and windows accounted for 55% of all doors and windows market ratio, far more than the plastic, iron and stainless steel ratio, become the most commonly used doors and windows materials, why we are willing to choose aluminum rather than other materials What?

1, aluminum alloy strong antioxidant: aluminum alloy has a strong antioxidant, indoor or outdoor can adapt to a variety of environments. Other materials are unable to achieve this effect, so it is easier to use to wet places such as outdoor, kitchen, bathroom and so on. Only good antioxidant performance in order to ensure long-term use of doors and windows less problems.

2, the material is more light: the quality of aluminum relative to steel, iron are lighter, doors and windows often need to switch, which is just in line with customer needs. And hardness is also very excellent, safe and practical are the greatest protection.

3, environmental pollution: environmental protection is now a major theme, which is supported by a major factor in the policy. Materials can be recycled, will not cause pollution to the environment.

4, non-toxic harmless: aluminum alloy metal material, its own will not distribute any toxic gases, aluminum profiles with their own paint to have enough time to let the smell, will not cause harm to the human body.

5, stylish and beautiful: the customer is the biggest factor in determining the market, fashionable appearance of aluminum alloy doors and windows so that he became the market's most beautiful red star.

First, home energy saving

How important is the energy saving of aluminum doors and windows to buildings? Industry experts to provide the data is that at this stage, building energy consumption accounts for about 40% of total social energy consumption. Door and window is the building open lighting parts, is the weakest part of the building, through the doors and windows of the energy loss of building energy consumption of 45% to 50%, accounting for 20% of total social energy consumption.

Second, the security point of view

The vast majority of burglary, are thieves through the external walls of windows and doors into the room, the light lost property, heavy people hurt the body, which is generally not solid wall and window profiles, simple glass and accessories are not unrelated. Therefore, the choice of regular aluminum alloy doors and windows manufacturers, qualified hardware accessories, safe and environmentally friendly glass structure, in the modern home security is the most important and basic, we should improve the understanding of aluminum doors and windows.

Second, comfortable and healthy

The concept of comfort and health is almost all the main signs of building materials. Living standards improved, everyone pay attention to comfort and health. But health is far more than no formaldehyde, home dust, noise is often important, invisible health killer. Heavy dust, bacteria on the more; noise, how to talk about ease Is your home windows soundproof? Whether it is only to have children and old people living at home, you know how much noise hazards? Solve the noise problem, or upgrade the doors and windows program or quality problems. Indoor noise is mostly due to the doors and windows of air tightness and noise problems arising. Just like thermal insulation similar to solve the doors and windows sound insulation (to ensure comfortable and healthy home), we advocate glass with insulating glass, three glass, explosion-proof glass; and window type multi-way open or new open window; Bar) with good point of material.

Third, decorating style with the problem

Many houses spent hundreds of thousands of renovation costs, and finally looks always strange, pull the curtains always feel that there is a place not harmonious, not perfect. It is the doors and windows border color and doors and windows style at play. Because you buy a house window is a unified installed, can not adapt to your style in the late decoration, and that people admire the luxury decoration or personality style, to achieve the details of the perfect, coordinated with the style, the walls are almost all Need all new ones. If you pay attention to the style of the faucet, doors and windows handle the style you certainly can not be on.