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Aluminum Door Inward Or Outward

Sep 26, 2017

Aluminum Door Inward or outward

Side hung door refers to a hinge (hinge) mounted on the door side, inward or outward door.

Pingkai Men have a single open and open the door and double open the door: a single door only one door, and double door has two doors. Pingkai Men is divided into one-way open and two-way open. One-way open is only one direction to open (only to push or pull) two-way open is the door can open in two directions (such as spring door). Pingkai door is relative to other ways to open the opening, because the door is also open to move, on the turn, rolling up and down, vertical lift, and so on.

Sliding door originated in China, the Chinese culture spread to North Korea, Japan. From the use of materials: from the material: there are wood, metal, organic, inorganic materials of the points; from the use of speaking: for bookcases, closets, bedrooms, living room, exhibition hall door and use The Sliding door originated in China, the Chinese culture spread to North Korea, Japan. Specific time can not be verified, but from some of China's ancient paintings to see scattered sliding doors, such as the Song Dynasty landscape painting, there are sliding doors. The initial sliding doors are only used for sliding doors in bedroom or dressing room closets, but with the development of technology and the diversification of means of decoration, from the traditional sheet surface to the glass, fabric, rattan, aluminum profiles, Folding doors to the partition door, sliding doors and the use of the scope of the function is constantly expanding. In this case, the use of sliding doors began to become diverse and rich. In addition to the most common cut off the door, sliding doors are widely used in bookcases, closets, living room, exhibition hall, sliding doors and so on. Hanging door: hanging door is a use of hanging wheel support sliding door, this door opened when no new standard - hanging door noise, no threshold, beautiful, generous. The hanging of the door on the market profiles are divided into two kinds of titanium magnesium alloy and recycled aluminum. High-quality sliding door profiles made of aluminum, strontium, copper, magnesium, manganese and other alloys, toughness has a great advantage, and the thickness can reach more than 1mm, while the lower quality profiles for the regeneration of aluminum, toughness and The useful life is reduced. Hanging door of the frame structure, the main force is the hanging door on the track, and on the hanging wheel is also good or bad to determine the life of the trip door. On the track by the door on both sides of the border to support the top of the door, the door hanging from the hanging wheel on the track, pushing the door, the last wheel is sliding with the push of the door. Hanging doors for balconies, restaurants, kitchen, bathroom partition and so on.