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Aluminum Door Increasingly Widespread

Aug 25, 2017

Aluminum Door Increasingly widespread

Aluminum doors have become a modern building fashion, as a structural parts, aluminum in the automotive, turbine machinery and other manufacturing industry is steadily increasing the use of steel parts instead. And aluminum, in the ship manufacturing, sea water treatment equipment, solar energy and other corrosive environments are reused.

Aluminum, drilling, as the most important metal material except steel materials, is being widely used in terms of their high specificity, excellent corrosion resistance and other characteristics. Their beautiful appearance is easy to win people's favor, these lovely materials can help us achieve more than flying to the sky a better dream.

Not to "warm" yield to the high temperature is a variety of uses of materials. The road on the side of the fast-speed Mercedes-Benz cars, blue sky on the supersonic flight aircraft, reverse the space of the rockets and space shuttle, which makes people proud and bring great convenience to mankind, have a hot Heart - the engine, and the construction of the engine of the important body, is gradually known for the high temperature.

In the high temperature state (usually above 650 ℃) the use of high temperature. Metal in high temperature work to withstand high temperature oxidation and corrosion, while the strength will decline, which will be much lower than the strength of the stress at room temperature under the destruction. As a structural material, metal in the internal combustion engine, petrochemical industry cracking furnace, steam turbines, and the space shuttle's skin, the working temperature is generally above 600 ℃, or even up to 1400 ℃ or so, ordinary metal materials simply can not do This work, which led to the emergence and development of high temperature. Function change

Breaking the traditional flat open, ordinary push and pull, the function is more humane. The new aluminum doors in the traditional flat open and ordinary push and pull on the basis of the increase in more forms.

Enhance the sliding door is through the special door, the door up and put up, regardless of the door to which position, are not easy to derail derailment. Such doors are strong and easy to clean under the track, more suitable for large hotels and villas balcony door. The sliding door is an unilateral flat opening function on the basis of the original sliding door. The upper end of the door can be tilted 30 degrees out of the frame. The biggest advantage of this door is to prevent the door from falling off by the external force. family.