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Aluminum Curtain Wall Surface Treatment

Aug 25, 2017

Aluminum Curtain Wall Surface treatment

What are the seven steps of surface treatment of profiled aluminum veneer? Shaped aluminum veneer in the processing into products, the first will do a series of treatment, the first is the surface treatment, surface treatment is very simple, in fact, very important, the next step is very critical, so the surface treatment is essential The Now let's take a look at the next seven steps of the surface treatment of profiled aluminum veneer.

Alien Fluorocarbon Aluminum veneer surface treatment of the seven major steps:

1, is rinse with water, the arc of aluminum veneer substrate above the dust all clean.

2, is to use alkaline water to clean the substrate again, why use alkaline water? Alkaline substances can effectively dissolve all kinds of stains and stains on the curved aluminum veneer substrate.

3, with the water to the remaining alkaline substances washed away, ready for the next step process.

4, the use of acidic solution to the substrate for cleaning again. The purpose is to clean the surface of the substrate with the acidic solution of the chemical reaction of the residue.

5, with the water on the substrate for cleaning again.

6, the substrate for chromium treatment.

7, the water on the chrome after the final cleaning of the substrate.

Aluminum veneer curtain wall quality requirements:

1. Aluminum veneer installation surface smooth, vertical, corner should be used pre-made aluminum veneer and should be lap tight.

2. Installation and connection of aluminum veneer for pulling aluminum rivets, spacing 120 mm.

3. Aluminum veneer varieties, quality, color, plate type, etc. should meet the design requirements.

4. curtain wall lightning protection design does not meet the national standard "building lightning protection design rules" GB50057-94 in the relevant provisions, and the curtain wall should form its own lightning protection system.

5. Injection process, the injection site should be clean, to prevent the plastic is too large or dust pollution caused by such phenomena.

6. Insulation material and density should meet the design requirements, and should be blocked full of no gaps.

7. Properly handle the top of the curtain wall and the inside and outside the corner, to prevent the occurrence of water leakage.