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Aluminum Alloy Development History

Sep 28, 2016

In the late 1980 of the 20th century is dominated by aluminum alloy doors and Windows profiles made of aluminum alloy window, solves the steel window some shortcomings, but profiles itself as a metal, heat conduction, steel Windows and aluminum Windows in the whole k-value of the window 6.0W/(M2. K) and not fundamentally solve problems such as sealing, insulation, although it could be coupled with hollow glass but window k is only 4.5W/(M2. K).

Bridge in the late 90 's door and window market of heat insulation aluminium Windows and doors, is a high-end door and window products on the market at that time. Profile design uses high-strength insulation thermal insulation composite material, surface treatment with powder coating, fluorine-carbon spray coating and resin thermal print technology. Can meet the ever-changing color needs.